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Yorvale is the home of York’s only real dairy ice cream manufacturer.  Using traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients we produce rich and creamy dairy ice cream  , real fruit sorbets and low fat natural frozen yogurt from our family farm in the vale of York.

Our herd of dairy cows graze on lush Yorkshire grass and because they only ever produce milk for Yorvale, the result is stress free cows that produce really creamy milk which is pasteurised on the farm before being added to double cream from a local creamery and the finest natural ingredients to create ice cream that tastes divine.

Our exquisite range of products are available in a range of tub sizes to suit your requirements.

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Our history

Although Ian Buxton was not born into a farming family, he had a passion for everything rural and by the age of 21 he had graduated from Askham Bryan agricultural college and was managing Leeds University’s herd of 120 dairy cattle.  In 1983 Ian married Lesley and in 1984 they rented an 80 acre dairy unit from North Yorkshire County Council.  In 1986 the Buxton’s welcomed the first of their two children and Lesley chose to give up a career in food to raise the family and help Ian run the farm.  It was at this time that they conceded there was little growth to be made in dairy farming and decided to pursue their mutual love of ice cream and start making their own.

In 1989, Yorvale was born.  Ian & Lesley began Yorvale from humble beginnings making the ice cream themselves throughout the week and then travelling with their young children around the county on the weekends selling their ice cream from mobile units.  Their reputation for quality ice cream and customer service soon became known around the county and requests from restaurants and hotels further afield flooded in.

Today they have grown beyond their expectations and have a new, purpose-built facility which services nationwide distribution and enjoy regional listings with many major retailers and local farm shops.  Despite this impressive growth they have not lost their farming roots and continue to use their own herd of Friesian cows which Ian still milks daily.


Other products

Yorvale - Yoryog frozen yorgurt

Yorvale is the home of York’s only dairy ice cream manufacturer. We use traditional methods and the finest ingredients to produce rich and creamy dairy ice cream from our family farm in the vale of York.

Other products


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We believe that our job does not end with the sale of a tub of ice cream, we are only satisfied when you and your customers are delighted with the product and the service you receive.

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Yorvale - Blog

Thank you ever so much for delivering the ice cream at such short notice. We are enormously grateful and couldn't have done it without your quick response!

Maria Bewer, York Theatre Royal
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This is just an email basically telling you that your ice cream is incredible ... I saw it in Asda in Doncaster and decided to go for if over Hagen Daaz and Ben and Jerry’s, Honestly the best ice cream I've had in so long, I devoured the whole tub... I don't know how but it happened, seriously! But in all honestly your ice cream is that great, I had to tell you.

Chloe, January 2013
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We started dealing with Yorvale Ice Cream in 2007. They have been outstanding in everything that they do from the quality of the product and attention to details right through to working with our telesales and field sales teams in order to deliver maximum quality and profit to our customers. I would highly recommend Yorvale Ice Cream for developing your ice cream needs.

Peter Mastrantuono, Group Director for Ice Cream Carmine/Eden Farm
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would just like to say that we have just tried your new Yoryog and thought that it was delicious!

Pete & Doreen, June 2013
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We have been in working in partnership with Yorvale for over eight years and since then our sales have grown consistently year on year. We now stock over 40 different products from their range of delicious ice cream, fruit sorbets and 120ml ice cream tubs. We have seen the Yorvale brand grow from strength to strength; not only do their products deliver on flavour but they also have fantastic provenance which is increasingly important. Some of our most important customers have chosen Yorvale as their choice of ice cream which goes a long way to saying how good they are. When it comes to service, Yorvale have always been on hand to help us at sales exhibitions and events or provide our customers with the sales support they need market themselves.

James Brenchley, KFF, July 2013
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We at Saga Cruises are delighted to work alongside Yorvale Ice Creams in providing a luxury product for all of our passengers . Continually rated as excellent by our customers , Yorvale provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of delicious ice creams available in the UK market. A delight to work with!

Ross Furlong, Saga Cruises, June 2013
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