British Roots

May 20, 2021


For now, here’s a sneak preview for you all! We can’t ruin the surprise just yet, but here’s a little glimpse of our new packaging that we have been working on behind the scenes.

We chose to include the British flag for many reasons, one of which is to really showcase our British roots and one of our four values, this being Traditional.

Since starting ice cream production in 1989 Yorvale has always opted for a more traditional route wherever possible, we believe traditional is best, and we are traditionally British! Whether this is still traditionally milking the cows, using traditional methods to produce the sorbets and ice creams or producing those lovely and traditional British flavours. We certainly love a traditional way of doing things, this may be more time-consuming, but this way we have much more control over the end product. With that extra bit of control, we can ensure our high-quality standards are always met, another one of our four values. 

It’s also really important to us that we only use natural ingredients in all our products and source as locally as possible to help lower our carbon footprint. We currently use some great Yorkshire businesses; York Gin in our Gin and Elderflower Sorbet, Bracken Hill’s lemon curd in our Lemon Curd Ice Cream and The Cookie Dough Co pieces in our Cookie Dough Ice Cream as well as all our cream from a local dairy farmer.

We are proud to produce traditional creamy ice cream here on our farm in the Vale of York, using all the milk from our small dairy herd and sourcing all our ingredients as locally as possible.

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