Dairy Month

June 1, 2021

1st June marks the first day of National Dairy Month! A whole month to celebrate all things dairy, which of course we are fully on board with being a complete dairy business!

History of Dairy Month

What is Dairy Month? National Dairy Month (originally called National Milk Month) started in 1937, the campaign was used to promote drinking milk. The idea was initially to stabilise the demand for dairy when production was in surplus, however, the success of the campaign resulted in an annual celebration of the dairy industry and all dairy produce, this called for a name change to a more suitable title of “Dairy Month”.

So what are the benefits of milk? Well, just one 200ml glass of milk can provide:

Take a look at this handy milk infographic below

source: https://milk.co.uk/nutritious-dairy/

Dairy farms across the world pride themselves on producing nutritious products that can be consumed in a variety of ways. So start your summer celebrating National Dairy Month with nutrient-rich dairy foods, including our Yorlife Kefir!

Our Story

So where did it start? Ian and Lesley Buxton became first-generation farmers in 1984 when they both had the opportunity to rent an 80-acre dairy unit from North Yorkshire County Council.

Ian gave up his job managing Leeds University’s herd of 120 dairy cattle to start his own dairy herd and Lesley chose to give up her career in food two years later after they welcomed the first of their two children. Sadly, shortly after this, they conceded little growth to be made in dairy farming and decided to pursue their mutual love of ice cream and in 1989 Yorvale Ice Cream was born. The farm was purchased in 1998 and it was at this time the expansion into purpose-built manufacturing facilities on the farm started.

What about now? We now have extended to 1350m² of space in which to process our delicious fresh and nutritious cow’s milk which moves just 100 metres from the dairy across to production each day to be made into Yorvale ice cream and kefir drinking yoghurt. At Yorvale we are proud to produce all our dairy ice cream and Yorlife kefir right here on our small dairy farm in Acaster Malbis, York where it all started over 30 years ago!

Yorlife Kefir

First of all, what is Kefir? Kefir is a fermented drink, made by adding kefir grains to milk and allowing it to ferment. But “what is a Kefir grain” I hear you ask, well they aren’t actually grains, they‘re live cultures of yeast and lactic acid which look a bit like cauliflower. These grains ferment and “culture” the milk, growing lots of the good bacteria we need to keep our internal ecosystems running efficiently.

Why did we choose to produce Kefir? In recent years we found that we were getting more interest in healthy alternatives to our traditional dairy ice cream and so we did what we do best- we got in the kitchen and started experimenting and not long after that Yorlife Kefir was born.

Yorlife Kefir has been carefully “cultured” (see what we did there) to ensure we maintain as many live bacteria as possible. It is made by adding the live kefir cultures to pasteurised milk and leaving the mix to ferment for 24 hours in a temperature-controlled environment. We then split the mixture and add natural fruit to create our different delicious flavours, keeping aside some for our pure kefir drink.

What does it do? There have been many benefits that people have associated with regularly drinking kefir such as:

Immune supporting. Did you know that 70-80% of your immune tissue lives in your digestive tract? Drinking Kefir can reintroduce good bacteria which can help boost your immune system.

Supports digestion. Some people noticed an improvement in their digestive system, this is most likely due to the content of live microorganisms. Live microorganisms can help to restore balance in the gut which can support digestion.

Boosts Energy Levels. Kefir contains B vitamins which can help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Regular kefir drinkers have often seen an uplift in their energy levels, this is a lesser-known benefit and whether this translates directly to kefir is still unknown, however, it is one benefit that can be noticeable early on.

Promotes Bone Health. Our kefir is made with cows milk which is a good source of calcium that is important for bone health.

Sounds great! What flavours do you do? We produce two flavours; our Yorlife Original Kefir, just pure kefir goodness which is great to add to smoothies, cereal or even to finish off a curry. As well as our Yorlife Mango & Passionfruit Kefir, original kefir with a mouth-watering swirl of wholesome mango and passionfruit puree – the perfect gut-treat on the go!

I’m sold! Where can I get Yorlife Kefir? If you want to sell Yorlife Kefir to your customers, head to The Cress Co our main distributor of kefir. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase some kefir for yourself, please fill out our contact form and a member of staff will be happy to help!

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