Farming Roots

May 27, 2021


For now, here’s a sneak preview for you all! We can’t ruin the surprise just yet, but here’s a little glimpse of our new branding that we have been working on behind the scenes.

We have chosen to increase the number of cows from one to three for many reasons, one of which is to really showcase our farming roots.

Yorvale was born and still remains on Fossfield Farm, the home of Ian and Lesley Buxton since 1984. Originally a rented North Yorkshire County Council dairy farm, Ian and Lesley have worked extremely hard to continue the legacy of this dairy farm whilst complementing it with Yorvale Ice Cream and Yorlife Kefir. The farm and our dairy cows (more commonly known as our girls) really are the heart of this business and are treated very much as part of the family. The (not so secret) secret ingredient that creates our award-winning ice cream is our fabulously creamy milk. Our creamy milk is a result of our happy, free-range girls who convert lush Yorkshire grass into delicious milk that is only ever used for Yorvale products. Our three cows on our new branding are shown in a much more relaxed way which is a true reflection of our small herd of Friesians cows.

The additional two cows also represent the development the company has made since the first day it started producing ice cream. This really highlights our growth over the years. The cows also resemble our team, not only that we are growing and increasing in numbers but also that we are extremely approachable and will always strive to help provide a solution. We offer a great deal of support to help you spread the word about your business and are always willing to listen to suggestions to improve our customer service.

Finally, the visual of three cows is much more natural, to anyone who knows cows will know they are very rarely on their own. This more natural approach represents our attitude in all areas of the business and the farm, we choose to only include natural ingredients in our products as well as work with nature to power the factory and farm sustainably, always keeping nature in mind!

We’re proud to produce our ice cream and sorbets still on the same farm it all started on and only using the milk from our herd. It’s a special thing to have grown so much but not had to relocate or grow our herd, we can still produce deliciously creamy ice cream, from our healthy and happy herd of just 36 cows!

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