‘Naked Attraction’ on the farm!

June 17, 2020

When size (and genes) matters!

Breeding is an important element of dairy farming and here at Fossfield farm, it’s nothing but the best for our lovely ladies.

Regrettably, we don’t have the likes of Anna Richardson presenting them with hopeful singletons on a rather revealing TV show. Instead, our girls put their faith in Ian, who thankfully knows what to look for in a man. 

Like humans, cows only produce milk after giving birth. Therefore, we ensure our breeding program prioritises the welfare of our animals, so a good Bull is essential.

What To Look For

Happily, our cows only need one thing! We use ABSGlobal.com, which is the equivalent of ‘Tinder’ for cows to give them just that! Online, Ian sifts through the fakers and posers to select the perfect Bull based on genetics.

Firstly, we analyse the requirements of the farm to see if we want to expand our herd or looking to retire any of our older ladies. In which case, Ian selects our preferred Holstein Bull, who’s characteristics yield off-spring with excellent milk production and health. Holstein’s typically hang onto peak milk production for longer and are incredibly docile. As we are a low-pressure system, our girls stay with us for a long and happy life.

If we don’t need to retire or expand our herd, Ian selects a Bull with characteristics more suited to the beef industry. We favour a Belgian Blue as they are naturally lean and have less complications during birth.

The Birds and the Bees

Once the online dating process is done, our carefully selected semen arrives by van and we artificially inseminate our cows and heifers. We use artificial insemination as it increases efficiency, it is typically safer for the cows as it reduces the spread of diseases, and we can ensure better genetics for our calf’s.   

Our mail order semen also gives us the control to influence the gender of our calf’s through Sexcel sexed genetics. This allows us to calf females to join our herd enabling our process to be efficient and sustainable.

Welcome to the herd little one…

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