On The Farm in March

March 17, 2021

March is usually when we first see a glimpse of Spring, so what’s usually happening on the farm? 

Here on Fossfield Farm it starts to get busy in March, which in other years coincides with the uplift in ice cream production however, due to COVID-19 this year March hasn’t seen that same uplift in the factory.

Nevertheless, the farm keeps on going! There are three main events on the farm this month, along with the everyday jobs such as caring for our cows and calves, milking twice a day and any odd maintenance jobs we also see:

Finally, towards the end of March when the sun starts to shine, the weather starts to warm up and the cows can see Ian and Graham out in the field they start to moo and this is there way of telling us they are ready to be out in the fields again! Unfortunately, it’s not usually until April we can let them back into the fields, as it’s still too wet! Not only that, as the grass has been dormant over winter it doesn’t have enough nutrients and therefore we need to let it grow to produce the sugars the cows need before letting them back out.

Keep an eye on our social media throughout April, we will be letting the cows out and everyone loves to see the happy girls charging about!






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