Yorvale’s BRAND NEW look!

June 1, 2021

THE DAY HAS COME! We can finally reveal what we have been working on with the team at Adigi over the past few months…

👋GOODBYE modern, we’re taking it back to TRADITION with our beautiful new identity👇

The team at Adigi have been amazing at designing our new look which captures our core values:

🌟Q U A L I T Y

We are passionate about the products we produce and believe that our customers only deserve the very best! We continuously test all ice cream and sorbets we produce to ensure it meets our high standards. We are also certificated by the BRCGS (Food Safety) to AA standard.
Therefore, quality is extremely important to us, and we felt this was a value that really had to shine through in our new branding. The team at Adigi have picked two beautiful colours that we feel really shows off our quality and traditional values. We also now have our stamp effect logo, so now you know that when you see this, the ice cream or sorbet you’re purchasing is authentic Yorvale products!

🐄T R A D I T I O N A L

We believe traditional is best, and we are traditionally British! We are proud to produce traditional creamy ice cream here on our farm in the Vale of York, using all the milk from our small dairy herd. We only use natural ingredients in our products and we try to source these as locally as we can.
Just like all our core values, being traditional is very important to us. We have removed that modern feel from our old branding and will be soon rolling this new branding out across our packaging over the next year. Adigi have given our look a much more rustic feel as well as adding our established year and we love it! If you fancy finding out more about our Traditional value, see our previous blog and get a sneak peek of one element that will be making its way onto the packaging!

🌱S U S T A I N A B L E

As farmers, we are responsible for taking care of our land and we feel it is important to do a good job. We farm using traditional methods, we recycle and store our waste water for organic fertiliser, our solar panels power the factory and our plastic and cardboard is recycled. This value, which is very much rooted in all the team at Yorvale, is extremely important to us and our farm. We decided this had to be showcased in our new identity and the subtle gestures of long grass which our girls graze on, our full circle logo and of course the girls themselves really do work excellently. Read the importance of our little Yorkshire farm in our latest blog Farming Roots.

🍦F U N

We are a family focussed business, we love our farm, our ice cream and we feel it is very important to run a business that is fun, produces a fun product and most importantly has fun. As we produce ice cream, we really needed fun elements in our new look. Adigi have really worked their magic in creating a fun design for our packaging to perfectly complement our new branding, keep your eyes peeled for the next stage of our new look!

So… what do you think? Head to our social media to let us know! Find us @yorvaleltd 🙌

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