Yorvale products have been made on the family farm for over 30 years. The milk from our small herd of Friesian cows is transported less than 100 metres across the farmyard to the Yorvale dairy, where it is mixed with carefully selected natural ingredients to produce our delicious products. We’re proud to produce award-winning real dairy ice cream, real fruit and alcoholic sorbets and a range of plant-based ice creams.

Yorvale All Natural Ingredients
Yorvale Made In Yorkshire
Yorvale Cows


Yorvale Environmentally Friendly



We guarantee our ice cream will always use fresh and natural ingredients. Nothing artificial. 

We pride ourselves on producing quality products using traditional methods and we only use natural ingredients and try to source these as locally as we can to make the most authentic products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What size scoop should I use?

We recommend a size 20, 55ml scoop. However, this is only a guide as everyone scoops differently. 

Why can't I scoop my ice cream directly from the freezer as it is too hard?

The freezer is probably running too cold. Most freezers run at  -18°C. Because Yorvale is a premium ice cream with a low overrun it will be very hard to scoop at this temperature. The perfect temperature is -15°C. 

How do I get POS to my customer?

We offer a range of POS items. To arrange delivery of these, please call 01904 706 702 or email


Do you supply freezers?

Please call 01904 706702 or email for the freezer options.

How many scoops will I get from a 5 litre?

We recommend 45 scoops/5 litre. 

My ice cream is too soft and I have difficulty scooping.

Here are some common reasons you might be experiencing a problem:

1. The ice cream freezer is running at too high a temperature. 
2. The ice cream is stored in an upright freezer and the constant opening and closing of the door is causing a fluctuation of temperature and is affecting the storage temperature. 
3. The ice cream freezer is iced up and needs defrosting. 
4. Ice creams and sorbets that contain alcohol are softer to scoop than those without alcohol and therefore would benefit from either a colder freezer or being placed deeper in the freezer or in a display scooping freezer placed in the middle of the display. 
5. The freezer isn't working.

Can I get free point of sale?

We offer point of sale free of charge to customers who sell Yorvale. However, a sensible approach to allocating POS would be advised (see information pack for POS leaflet).


Can you rebrand my freezer?

Yes, we can over sticker the freezer with Yorvale branding (sticker) and can be ordered through the head office - 01904 706702 or email


"The best ice-cream you've ever had! Absolutely in love with the lemon curd flavour and salted caramel, really creamy with a delicious intense flavour!"
- Nicholas Harvey
Testimonial 2

"Local, independent, family run and extremely gorgeous ice cream! .... what more could you ask for?!"

- Andy Herrington 

Testimonial 3
"Yorvale supply JJs of pocklington. 22 fantastic flavours and also blended to make amazing milkshakes. Yorvale no1 for real ice cream and made on the farm."
- Dave Scott

What's New

Yorvale is BRCG certified

We are BRCGS certified to AA standard

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