New kids on the block. Introducing 5 fresh new flavours.

While we adore our tried and tested favourites, we'd be lying if we didn't admit to getting pretty giddy whenever we have a new flavour to add to the mix.

Tons of time, effort and taste-testing goes into the development of each and every flavour (and we make no apologies for the amount of ice cream we have to sample to get to the perfect end-result!)

So, we’re delighted to introduce 5 new flavours this Summer, sure to get mouths’ watering and customers smiling.

Tasting notes

What tantalising new tastes do we have for you? Our NPD and Production Manager, Ross has the scoop on our newest creations:

Ross Hawwood, NPD and Production Manager

"With a rich base of our farm-fresh milk to start with, we have a fantastic foundation on which to build with the finest ingredients and flavour combinations. I'm very excited about our new flavours - there's some classic combinations with new twists sure to delight!" 


Pina Colada 

“Evoke memories of a tropical holiday with a cocktail of pineapple, coconut and Jamaican rum, rippled with a sunshine yellow pineapple sauce.”


“Our smooth and creamy natural vanilla ice-cream meets a dark, intense espresso coffee ripple for a taste of the Italian Riviera.”

Blueberry Waffle

“A brilliant build on our classic blueberry, the addition of smooth and creamy waffle recreates a breakfast classic to be enjoyed any time of the day.”

Peach Melba

“Retro-fabulous, this age-old classic is revived with a delicious diced peach compote, rippled with sharp and tangy raspberry sauce. It's a little scoop of Summer.

Chocolate & Cherry

"A proper grown-up dessert, rich and sour cherry compote complements an intensely dark chocolate ice cream for a classic Black Forest flavour.”



Fancy stocking our new flavours? 

All our new flavours are available in 5 litre tubs, perfect whether you stock, scoop or serve. If you fancy introducing something fresh into your range, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.