We are delighted to have scooped up two awards (pardon the pun!) at the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards 2021! 

Our real dairy Caramel Honeycomb ice cream has been awarded one gold star, along with our real dairy Lemon Curd ice cream which was also awarded one star. The judges said "A smooth ice cream, pale with a lovely ripple of bright lemon curd running through it. The cream melted beautifully and managed to be refreshing without being oversweet from the curd. The lemon gave the cream a welcome citrus tang while allowing the dairy aspects to hold their own. We like the milky nature of the ice cream and the silky feel in our mouths."

Great Taste is the largest and most trusted food & drink accreditation scheme in the UK. The judges look for truly great taste, regardless of branding or packaging. They take into account texture, appearance and of course the quality of the ingredients; they will note a good aroma, a decent bite, or a particularly smooth or crunchy texture. But above all else the question remains - does the product taste truly great? 

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