3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Premium Ice Cream For Your Parlour This Summer

There are thousands of different ice cream brands to choose from, which can be a little overwhelming when you are deciding who to stock in your parlour. Like any other food product, there are high-quality and low-quality ice creams and the level of quality will make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful Summer for your business.

So what is premium ice cream and how can you tell the difference?

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Slower Melt, Fuller Flavour

Here is a question you never thought you would ask, how much air is in ice cream? It might surprise you to know that ice cream can contain anywhere between 30-50% air. Cheap, low-quality ice cream has a higher amount of air in it. This means that it melts easily and is more susceptible to freezer burn, where you and the customer can see visible ice crystals on the ice cream.

High-quality ice cream produced by premium brands contain a lot less air. This will melt more slowly, allowing customers to take in a full range of flavours.

Delicious, Creamy Texture

Premium ice creams have a higher fat content and use high-quality ingredients. This creates an irresistible creamy texture that is easier to scoop, making your service more efficient. For the customer, this is more filling and satisfying.

The more delicious your ice cream, the higher the chance of repeat custom, which can only lead to a successful Summer for your business. You may even reach new customers once you have been recommended.

Nothing Artificial

Customers are growing more conscious of what their food contains. To make our ice cream, we use fresh milk straight from our beautiful Friesian cows. We are a family farm with traditional values and believe that real flavour comes from real ingredients. This is why we do not include artificial ingredients in our ice creams.

Your customers can enjoy a wider range of textures and flavours from our premium ice cream, which comes in mouth-watering flavours like strawberry cream tea and almond caramel. View our range of
premium flavours.

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