Sparkling Scoops: Savour The Season With Bonfire-Inspired Ice Cream

Bonfire Night is one of the most traditional and quintessentially British celebrations of the year, remembering a foiled plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament from way back in 1605, over 400 years ago. The celebration usually takes the form of a huge bonfire and fireworks display, and it is an essential part of the British cultural calendar. Families and friends get together, all huddled around the bonfire (it is November in the UK so usually on the nippy side) and watch the pyrotechnic displays going off all around.

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Of course, it’s also an excuse to indulge ourselves a little with some delicious savoury and sweet snacks for Bonfire night. Which, of course, includes ice cream. And to make the most of the occasion, why not offer your customers some Bonfire Night themed treats? Below are some top Bonfire Night snack ideas for making the most of this uniquely British celebration.

Go Big On Toppings

Just like you’re piling firewood on a bonfire, stack up the toppings on top of your ice cream offerings. Think indulgent and seasonal, such as toasted marshmallows, crumbled biscuits and chocolate drizzles. A big range of toppings helps to broaden your menu offerings and lets customers personalise their orders. And with that in mind…

Toppings Station

You could even take this one step further and create a DIY toppings station for your customers to get creative with their own choices. Offer a big choice of topping options, including toffee sauce, caramelised nuts, chocolate shavings and more, for a fun and interactive way to engage customers.

Think Family-Friendly

Bonfire Night is traditionally a family affair, with young and old getting together to enjoy the show. So, make sure your range of Bonfire night sweet treat ideas caters for all ages, with some kid-friendly options to keep the little ones happy and satisfied.

Hot And Cold

As mentioned above, November evenings in the UK are often chilly affairs and may not seem suited to ice cream. But this is no ordinary November evening, with the warmth of the bonfire enough to mean ice creams can be the perfect treat. For older customers (or with parent's permission), you might even want to think about adding some fireworks to the order with a sparkler or two safely placed in the ice cream. This is a great visual spectacle and a suitable way to mark the occasion.

The combination of real dairy ice cream, a choice of delicious and seasonal toppings, and some family-friendly options can be enough to turn Bonfire Night into the perfect time for an indulgent treat. If you would like to know more about the range of ice creams and flavours we offer, you can request a callback from a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Image Source: Pixabay