Wrap Your Tastebuds in Holiday Magic: Yorvale's Pigs in Blankets Ice Cream Hits Aldi Shelves This Christmas

Have you ever wondered what Pigs in Blankets-flavoured ice cream might taste like? Well, wonder no more. With the festive season right around the corner, we’re excited to announce we’ve secured a spot in Aldi’s Christmas Programme, and you can pick up a tub of this fabulously unique flavour in store now.

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The journey from creative pitch to winning Aldi’s competition has been nothing short of remarkable for Yorvale. Earlier this year, we headed to Aldi’s HQ where we presented two distinctive Christmas flavours to managing director of corporate buying, Julie Ashfield – Pigs in Blankets and Blue Cheese and Cranberry ice cream. While the Blue Cheese variety was more polarising, we’re delighted to say Pigs in Blankets really captured their hearts (and tastebuds).

Despite Julie and her colleague being particularly taken with the unusual twist on this traditional festive flavour there wasn’t a yes or no decision at the time because the process is more complex than that.

Although we left in suspense wondering if we’d won, we also left exhilarated – the entire meeting was filmed for a Channel 4 documentary and any exposure we received was a victory in itself.

Several days later, Channel 4 took a trip to Yorvale Farm to film our production process to lend an authentic feel to an upcoming TV feature. It was during this time that we got the call… Julie loved the ice cream, and they wanted us to produce 20,000 tubs for Christmas!

A quick celebration ensued before we knuckled down to the hard work of producing such a huge order by the December 12th launch date. There’s no denying it was a tight turnaround time to design and produce the packaging as well as get the Pigs in Blankets ice cream ready for the big launch. But despite a few nerves, our wonderful team rose to the occasion and met the job head on.

The result is an ice cream like no other – Pigs in Blankets is a festive fusion of a much-loved Christmas favourite with the sheer, creamy deliciousness of Yorvale ice cream. It’s available now in Aldi throughout the holiday season. But remember it’s a one-off special flavour and when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Aldi anticipates high demand and even queues for this unique flavour combo, so make sure you get yours before it sells out. If Pigs in Blankets is not your thing we do a huge range of other flavours all year round, including Mince Pie, Rocky Road and Pina Colada.

Using traditional methods on our farm and with milk from our own herd of cattle, we produce rich and creamy dairy ice creams which not only taste delicious but are made sustainably too. The milk travels just 100m from cow to dairy each day and we have invested heavily in ecologically sound production methods – such as energy-saving solar panels, natural fertilisers, and an enclosed water recycling system.

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